The Science of Despair - Out NOW!

The new Pulse State album, The Science of Despair, was released today! It's on Bandcamp, Amazon MP3 and Google Play (confirmed so far). It'll be on iTunes soon if it's not already. Head over to the Discography page to get more information and the Bandcamp link, or just search it out on the other digital stores!

The Science of Despair: Digital Release Schedule

Due to a few overriding factors, there will not be a physical (CD) release for the upcoming album at this time. The release on Bandcamp will continue as planned on October 5, of course, and the album is also being submitted for sale in the major digital download stores (Amazon, iTunes, &c). One way or another, the music must be heard!

The Science of Despair: Delayed Release Date

Apologies, but due to circumstances beyond my control, the release date for the next Pulse State album must be delayed by two weeks. I am now shooting for The Science of Despair to be released on October 5, 2012. Hang tight!

Coming Soon: The Science of Despair

The next album from Pulse State, The Science of Despair, will be released on Friday, September 21, 2012. It will be available on CD and digital. This will be the second album from this project, and the first on physical media. Needless to say, there is a lot of excitement around here! The tracklisting can be found below, and a near-final version of the cover artwork has been posted as well (though it may change slightly before it goes to press).

New Website - Work in Progress

Hello and welcome to the new Pulse State website. This is a work in progress, but I felt it was far enough along that it could be deployed to the world. Check back often for updates!

Flowers for Mankind EP - Out 5/4/2012

The Flowers for Mankind EP is live right now on Bandcamp! Stream it for free or download it for $7. Spread the word to your friends, too :)

01. Flowers for Mankind (Fractional) [5:16]
02. January Love (Cold Front) [4:31]
03. Regression (The New Modern) [4:23]
04. Faith:Loss (Copernicus Groove) [4:17]
05. Flowers for Mankind (Processional) [4:16]
06. Regression (Child of the 80's) [5:10]
07. January Love (Snowfallen) [5:13]
08. Through the Ice [5:00]


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