A.X.E.L Radio Interview Now Available

As mentioned last week, Mike was interviewed on A.X.E.L Radio on Thursday. For those who caught it, thanks for listening! For those who didn't, a downloadable MP3 of the show is now online. Look for it on the A.X.E.L Radio page on the VegasAllNetRadio.com website. Mike's part begins at around 19 minutes in. Thanks to A.X.E.L and everyone else who made this possible!

Radio Interview with Mike This Week

Mike Phipps will be interviewed this week on A.X.E.L Radio. The show is a weekly feature on Vegas All Net Radio that focuses on the industrial, EBM, Gothic rock, and synthpop genres. Tune in this Thursday, January 29th, from 5-6 PM PST (that's 8-9 PM EST, or 0100-0200 UTC Friday the 30th) to catch the show! LINK

Saviors Among Us - Eternity EP - Out Now Featuring Mike Phipps' Vocals!

Saviors Among Us' Eternity EP was released today. It's actually another project from Mike Hoffman of Level 2.0, through which guest musicians contribute their vocals and lyrics to his electronic dance music compositions. Mike Phipps has vocals/lyrics on two of the songs - "Banish" (also featuring Sarah C. Hogan of Synapse) and "Hit and Run" (also featuring Adam Gamble from Shadow System). You can go here to get the release: LINK

New Pulse State Album Coming in 2015

For those who have not seen the post on the Facebook page regarding this: There will definitely be a new Pulse State album in the coming year! Everything is sounding very good so far. The full announcement can be found HERE.

2014 Remixes Now Available

Pulse State completed two remixes this year, and now both of them have been released.

You can purchase the Swedish EBM/dark electro act Total Pain Kollapz's new double-album, The Truth Lies Behind the Mask, on their Bandcamp page. There is a Pulse State reworking of "The Suicide Song" on it, along with many other original tracks and remixes. The PS reworking features Mike Phipps' vocals and extra lyrics, making it sound like one of the more melodic, yet dancefloor-friendly PS songs.

Also recently made available is the US-based retro-EBM/wave project Vandalaze's new album, Body Plaza. This release contains several new songs and remixes, one of them being the Pulse State remix of "So Real". This PS remix hearkens back to the new wave and EBM of the 80's, with a little bit of Goth rock guitar accentuating the mix. The album is available on Vandalaze's Slimetrax label Bandcamp page.

Blog Suspension Due to Spam

The website blog has been suspended for now due to a massive spam attack. It will be enabled again once a way is found to mitigate any future spamming.

New Music Video and Website Redesign

The first ever live-action music video for Pulse State has been completed and is now available on YouTube. You can stream the video for "Faith:Loss" below (although we recommend watching it on YouTube in 1080p HD resolution wherever possible). This was a fun group effort, and we will make more of these in the future!

You may have also noticed that the site received a facelift. There may be some tweaking going on here and there, but this time around, we opted for a cleaner design that will present PS content in a more standardized, sensible, and professional manner. Also, there's a new blog which is accessible using the menu on the left. Check it out!

Applied Sciences EP - Out NOW!

The latest EP from Pulse State, Applied Sciences, has just been released right on schedule. Please head over to the Discography section for more details and the link for streaming/purchasing on Bandcamp. Thanks to everyone for your support!

Coming Up: Applied Sciences EP

Following on from the success of last year's album, The Science of Despair, Pulse State is bringing together the Applied Sciences EP. This will feature alternate versions of album tracks, remixes from other artists, unreleased tracks, and more! The EP will be released at some point in Fall 2013. Please check back for further details as they develop.


Lyrics to The Science of Despair have been added. Check them out by clicking on the Lyrics tab in the menu. Also, iTunes has the album now - confirmed!


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