Coming Soon: Haunted Crystal Highways (EP)

The Haunted Crystal Highways EP is nearly here! It will be available beginning Friday, June 30th, 2017, exclusively on the Pulse State Bandcamp page. It will feature updated and re-recorded versions of "The Haunting" and "When the Crystal Shatters", as well as several unreleased PS exclusives. Thanks to Joshua McAllister (LABELfunction13) for the cover artwork, and thanks also to all of you who are still listening to PS after all of these years. Snippets will be posted soon!

01. The Haunting (Apparition Mix)
02. As Truth Departs
03. Summer Rain
04. Divide Again
05. When the Crystal Shatters (Purest State Mix)
06. In My Memory
07. Against the Tide
08. The Oracle
09. The Haunting (Lebensgeist Mix)
10. When the Crystal Shatters (Pitch Black Mix)

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