Clips from Black Highway

Clips of songs from the forthcoming Pulse State album, Black Highway, have begun to be posted on the PS SoundCloud page. First up is "Christabelle". You've heard the stripped-down Demi Mix on the Embers single, but this is a clip of the fully fleshed-out album version. There will be a few more posted on SC before the album's release on Friday, October 16th. Check back often!

UPDATE Oct. 9: There is now a clip up for "The Haunting". This one departs significantly from what Pulse State sounded like before, with Gothic rock influences prevailing over the entire production. However, some synthpop elements are still in effect. There will be another clip posted next week before the album release, so check back for it!

UPDATE Oct. 13: The third and final clip from Black Highway has now been posted on SoundCloud: "Cold Starshine"! If you liked the danceable synthpop of With a Single Step, you'll also like this one. The new album comes this Friday!

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