2014 Remixes Now Available

Pulse State completed two remixes this year, and now both of them have been released.

You can purchase the Swedish EBM/dark electro act Total Pain Kollapz's new double-album, The Truth Lies Behind the Mask, on their Bandcamp page. There is a Pulse State reworking of "The Suicide Song" on it, along with many other original tracks and remixes. The PS reworking features Mike Phipps' vocals and extra lyrics, making it sound like one of the more melodic, yet dancefloor-friendly PS songs.

Also recently made available is the US-based retro-EBM/wave project Vandalaze's new album, Body Plaza. This release contains several new songs and remixes, one of them being the Pulse State remix of "So Real". This PS remix hearkens back to the new wave and EBM of the 80's, with a little bit of Goth rock guitar accentuating the mix. The album is available on Vandalaze's Slimetrax label Bandcamp page.

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