Into Darkness

I fight against a force
That I cannot defeat
And I am standing alone
On the shore of the sea
The voices of grandeur
Fall silent and cold
As black rain is falling
Through the cracks of my soul

Shadows merge and coalesce
To form the highest wall
The heights are so daunting
I orchestrate a fall
My frozen heart stops pulsing
And may never start again
It's time to depart
Proceed unto my end

Unto my end...

If I stand the test of time
Will it be the final days?
And if I await a sign
Will it end these dark delays?
Let the sanguine drops be shed
From my broken skin tonight
I am forever lost
Never to set the skies alight

The fires have burned out
The wind is closing in
It's the end of my journey
Where I retire my skin
Let me never be forgotten
As time marches on
May my name still be spoken
Decades after I am gone

After I am gone...

December 2014

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