Pulse State started in the late 1990s as an emotional outlet for the Detroit based musician Mike Phipps. Moving through different electronic styles during its lifetime, Pulse State has recently been operating in the melodic EBM, synthpop, and darkwave spheres. With each new release, different musical elements are woven into the tapestry of Pulse State, yet the project remains close to its synthpop/EBM roots at the same time. Pulse State has released three albums, as well as several EPs and singles, to date.

In addition, Mike also operates under the Pulse State moniker as a remixer, delivering anything from sensual touches to full-on dancefloor attacks. Pulse State remixes have been compared favorably against contemporaries such as Apoptygma Berzerk, Razed in Black, and VNV Nation, in terms of both quality and quantity. The remixes have appeared on releases from the Metropolis, Nilaihah, Infacted, Dependent, and Out of Line labels.

Mike decided, after a long period of contemplation and consideration, to end the Pulse State project in December 2018.

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