Thanks and Goodbye

After lengthy consideration, I have decided to end this project. It's been a good 21 years, but it's time to move on to other creative outlets. I do plan to do more music in the future (I still have The Diseffect, and I still play in Schedule IV) - just not as Pulse State.

Obviously, the With a Single Step reissue hasn't been completed, but it will come out when I decide it's completed to my satisfaction, and we're just not at that point right now. Vocals still need to be recorded, primarily.

Regardless, I do thank you all for your support over the years! The Bandcamp page will remain for the foreseeable future, so you can still stream and/or purchase PS music from there.

Flash Release: Innocence 2017 EP!

There is a new three-track release available for "Innocence 2017" on the Pulse State Bandcamp page. Go here to get the Innocence 2017 EP! This was intended to be a surprise for all PS fans just in time for the end-of-year holidays. Whether you've purchased music from PS this year, or whether you showed up to one of the shows on the Voicecoil/PS/Absynthe of Faith tour back in August, thank you!

Tour Summary

The Voicecoil/Pulse State/Absynthe Of Faith mini-tour is now done and dusted. Thanks to Voicecoil for inviting me on this tour, and also to Absynthe of Faith for providing good opening support for the last three of the four dates. If you came out to any of these shows, bought a CD, or even just gave us your support, thank you. I hope that you enjoyed what you heard from PS!

A special "thanks" goes out to my friend and musical colleague, Patrick Hogan (Voicecoil, HexHeart), who agreed to pull double duty on this tour to provide his keyboard services for Pulse State (as well as other equipment that was used for the PS live show). Every time we get together to do anything in the musical realm, awesome things happen, and this tour was no exception. I hope to work with him again in the future!

Pulse State Goes on the Road

Pulse State will be one of the special guests on Voicecoil's four-date tour through the Midwest of the United States. On three of the dates, Minneapolis-based industrial band Absynthe of Faith will also be on the bill. Dates and venues follow, and more information will be provided as it is received. Thanks to everyone who is making this possible, and we hope to see all of you come out to these shows!

Friday 8/18 @ Small's, Hamtramck, MI
Saturday 8/19 @ The Crack Fox, St. Louis, MO*
Sunday 8/20 @ The Canopy Club, Urbana, IL*
Monday 8/21 @ Amsterdam Bar, St. Paul, MN*

* = with Absynthe of Faith

Haunted Crystal Highways EP: Out Now!

Haunted Crystal Highways EP

The Haunted Crystal Highways EP is now available for streaming and purchase at the Pulse State Bandcamp page. Head over here for more details!

EDIT 7/3/17: The lyrics are now up for each song on the EP that hasn't already been released in some other version. That's six new songs that can be found in the Lyrics section!

Preorders Open for Haunted Crystal Highways

Preorders for the Haunted Crystal Highways EP are now available on the Pulse State Bandcamp page! Those who preorder will get to download "The Haunting (Apparition Mix)" and "Divide Again" now, and the full release when it becomes available on Friday, June 30th. Check out the link in this post!

Coming Soon: Haunted Crystal Highways (EP)

The Haunted Crystal Highways EP is nearly here! It will be available beginning Friday, June 30th, 2017, exclusively on the Pulse State Bandcamp page. It will feature updated and re-recorded versions of "The Haunting" and "When the Crystal Shatters", as well as several unreleased PS exclusives. Thanks to Joshua McAllister (LABELfunction13) for the cover artwork, and thanks also to all of you who are still listening to PS after all of these years. Snippets will be posted soon!

01. The Haunting (Apparition Mix)
02. As Truth Departs
03. Summer Rain
04. Divide Again
05. When the Crystal Shatters (Purest State Mix)
06. In My Memory
07. Against the Tide
08. The Oracle
09. The Haunting (Lebensgeist Mix)
10. When the Crystal Shatters (Pitch Black Mix)

Release Plans for 2017

Happy New Year from Pulse State to you! 2017 marks the 20th anniversary of the first usage of the Pulse State name for this project. As such, there are several special releases planned for this year, including one that many of you have been waiting for a long time to see. Read more about it here!

New Pulse State Reworking for IKON

A brand-new Pulse State reworking of the IKON song "I Never Wanted You" has been completed recently, and will be made available on the Australian dark alternative/Gothic rock band's reissued single for that song when it is released in November 2016. Thanks to Chris McCarter from IKON for the opportunity!

Black Highway - General Release on Digital Music Services

From today onward, in addition to being available on Bandcamp, the new Pulse State album is now also ready to be purchased on Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, and a plethora of other digital music services!


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